Officials for 2018



Wayne & Marie Crowder



Michelle Crowder & Lee Fulk

Coordinator & Deck Captain


Burt & Flo Jackson

Chair of Judges


 Sami Yli-­Piipari  



Yang Chen (Photo by Hope Chang)

Director of Music


Currently working on the lost Doobie Brother tracks!


Mark Barth - New York


WDSF - A+, B+, C+, D+, E+

Mark Barth Competition Credits include: The Southeastern Ballroom Champions. The Baltimore Maryland Champions, The Imperial Rising Star Champions, as wellas overseas finalists in the City of Bradford Uk Championships, as well as  numerous other events throughout the UK and  the US.  His successes in the US continues, which includes appearing on national T.V. Channels 7 & 12 in theNew York area and also taughtfor the Cable network on the Latin Channel.He has  taught at many venues in the U.S. and England, and has taught and assistedin numerous Professional Congresses for Professionals in the   U.S.

Melissa Dexter - California


WDSF - A+, B+, C+, D+, E+

•  US Latin American Champion

•  Italian Latin American Champion

•  European Professional Latin Finalist

•  World Finalist, Blackpool Finalist, International Finalist

•  Italian Latin American Showdance Champion

•  Latin American Showdance Vice World Champion

•  Finalists in all major competitions around the world

•  Winner All England Championships

•  Winner Imperial Championships

•  Runner-up Professional Latin World Masters

•  Performed in Budokan (Tokyo), Kremlin (Moscow), Madison Square garden (NY)

•  Recipient of the Bill and Bobby Irvine Award 1999

Trevor Luff - California


Adjudicator for WDSF, USA Dancesport, and collegiate competitions , Invigilator for USA Dancesport competitions, and Chairman of judges for collegiate competitions, adjudicated/invigilated  USA Dancesport Nationals2015.

• WDSF Certified and Certified with Standard, Latin, Judging System2.1.

• Triple Licentiate degree’s through the USISTD: American Smooth, rhythm, & Theatrearts.

• Dual Fellowship degree’s I.S.T.D. International Standard &Latin.

Travelled throughout most of Asia teaching in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Taught for over 25 years;; organizing Medal tests, local Competitions andDances.

Colleen Royal - Colorado


A+, B+, C+, D+, E+

In her 35th year of the Dancesport industry,

Colleen Royal has experience from managing a million+ studio to being one of two women to win top teacher in the US.

Professionally she is a multiple FADS national champion and a US medalist. 

Though she has studied and examined in all styles, Colleen loves the American Style and how vastly it has transitioned. Colleen has supplemented her ballroom expertise with a recent degree in theatre studies and is currently enrolled in a nonprofit public administration program. Mentoring youth is a passion which she fulfills by coaching world class figure skaters. 

Kathryn Schaffer - Louisiana


A+, B+, C+, D+, E+

Ms. Schaffer is a former North American Professional International Standard Champion and a former United States Professional International Standard Champion. As well as winning the Ohio Star Ball and countless other Championships with several partners, Kathryn was a finalist in many open to the world competitions. She has been the United States Representative in several world championships including those held in England, Denmark, and Japan. Kathryn was honored to be a member of the highly prestigious Blackpool International Team Match. She is also the recipient of the very prestigious Feather Award.
Kathryn Schaffer is a Certified World Class Adjudicator holding highly commended fellow in International Standard, International Latin, American Smooth, American Rhythm, and Theatre Arts with the N. A. D. T. A.     A+, B+, C+, D+, E+.
Since retiring from competition, Ms. Schaffer has maintained an extremely active schedule as an Adjudicator, Lecturer, and Coach throughout the United States. 

Helen Ross - Canada


WDSF License A Adjudicator

A+, B+, C+, D+

1973 Canadian Latin & Standard Champions   

Canada Cup Latin & Standard  Champions from 1976 to  1979

Gwen Silva - Florida


GwenSilva Competition Credits include: Ballroom Queen of England – Lyceum Strand UK-­ finalists in the Ohio Star Ball rising Star, Finalist USBC rising star Championships, Finalist Heritage Classic, as well as numerous other events throughout the UK and the US.

Gwen has performed and given shows at various dance competitions, stage productions and special events throughout the U.S. Gwen has taught at many venues in the U.S. and England, and has taught and assisted in numerous Professional Congresses for Professionals in the UK & U.S.

Christopher Skates - Louisiana


A+, B+, C+, D+, E+

Chris began dancing at the age of 6 in London England, which utlimately resulted in several Prestigious National Championships. He became the United Kingdom and European Ballroom and Latin Junior Champion at the age of 15. Also at age, 15 Chris became the South of England and North of England Junior Champion.
Chris is the winner of many National and International Ballroom and Latin Junior Championships and was a Grand Finalist in both Ballroom and Latin at the British Open (Blackpool).
Turning Professional at 17, Chris began teaching and judging throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. He operated his own studio in London, England for 15 years. 
In 1993, Chris move to the U.S.A, where he now lives in Florida. Chris continues to travel, coach, and judge nationwide. 
Chris is fully qualified in all 5 styles: A+, B+, C+, D+, and E+.

Giacomo Steccgalia - California


WDSF - A+, B+, C+ D+, E+


·  Italian Latin American Champion

·  European Finalist

·  World Finalist

·  Italian Latin American Showdance Champion

·  Latin American Showdance Vice World Champion

·  Finalists in all major competitions around the world

·  Winner All England Championships 

·  Winner Imperial Championships

·  Runner-up Professional Latin World Masters

·  Performed in Budokan (Tokyo), Kremlin (Moscow), Madison Square garden (NY)

·  Recipient of the Bill and Bobby Irvine Award 1999

Stephen Uczekaj - Washington


A+, B+, C+, D+, E+

Stephen has over 25 years of dance experience accomplishing numerous Professional championship titles

in the International Standard style with his wife, Cora Lyn. Applying knowledge and expertise gained from training with world class coaches, Stephen has successfully trained students from Newcomer to Open Championship levels. His coaching achievements include a World Pro/Am Youth Open Standard Champion, NDCA Youth National Open Standard Champions, Northwest Regional Youth Open 10-Dance Champions, and multiple Elementary School, Junior High School, and High School NDCA National Syllabus Champions.

Stephen and his wife are Owners of Impulse Ballroom in Bellevue, Washington and Directors of

Collegiate Youth Dancesport, a not-for-profit training program dedicated to the instruction of competitive

dancers between the ages of 5-20 since 2003.

Phillip Stephens - Texas


A+, B+, C+, D+, E+

WDSF + USA Dance licensed Adjudicator 

Adjudicator for USA Dance events, including Nationals, US DanceSport Championships, Ohio Star Ball, Heart of America, Texas Challenge and Collegiate events.  

Invigilator at USA Dance Nationals, Ohio Star Ball and United States Dancesport Championships.

Lecturer on American style dancing at the ISTD Congress in Worthing, UK.  

ISTD Fellowship Degrees for International Ballroom and Latin. USISTD Fellowship Degrees for American Smooth and Rhythm. Licentiate degrees in USISTD Theatre Arts and ISTD Viennese Waltz.

ISTD / USISTD Examiner.  Former Treasurer and Past President, USISTD.  Former USISTD Board of Trustees Member and Secretary

Teaching since 1972, Phillip owned an independent studio in Houston, TX, for 29 years.  He has coached amateur and professional couples and has also organized showcases and competitions.  Organizer of the 2014 Transplant Games of America Ballroom Dance Competition.  Phillip was the 1989 Eastern United States American Smooth Champion and has won or placed in the finals of several competitions, including Heritage Classic, Heart of America, Minnesota Open and Ohio Star Ball