Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Co-Sponsored by the Central Oklahoma Chapter of USA Dance

A USA Dance National Qualifying Event

A USA Dance National Qualifying Event A USA Dance National Qualifying Event

Downloads - Pro/am registration form

Download the Pro/Am Entry Form by selecting the link below.  Fill it out, take a photo of the form, and email it:  dancesportorganizer@gmail.com


Pro/am Registration

A Pro/Am couple consist of a Professional and Amateur.

Professionals DO NOT HAVE TO JOIN USA Dance.

All Amateur Athletes or ProAm Students must be a member of USA Dance in order to compete in this National Qualifying Event.

Pro/Am athletes may register by downloading the Pro/Am Registration Form found at the top of this page and emailing the form to the organizers at:   dancesportorganizer@gmail.com


Your Pro/Am student may sign up for two age categories.  Under each age category they are eligible to dance four consecutive levels, such as PreBronze, Intermediate Bronze, Full Bronze, Open Bronze.      



Professional Competitor's  Pass $65
                   Pro/Am Student's  Pass  $65

After June 30th

Professional Competitor's Pass $75

               Pro/Am Student's Pass $75

Top Teacher Awards
OVER $5000 in Top Teacher Prize Money
1st $2000 – Requires a Minimum of 200 entries
2nd $1500 – Requires a Minimum 150 entries
3rd $1000 – Requires a Minimum 100 entries
4th $500 – Requires a Minimum 50 entries
5th $250 – Requires a Minimum 25 entries

Over $1800 in Pro/Am Student Scholarships
Pro/Am Student must enter 5 single dances to qualify for scholarship. 

As with the other Collegiate or Open Fun Events, Pro/ Am Athletes at this competition are not eligible to earn USA Dance Proficiency Points and do not qualify for USA Dance Nationals.  

Pro/Am Students

All Amateurs must be a DanceSport Athlete of USA Dance.  Follow the link below to the USA Dance Membership page.  If you are 18 or over, join as an Amateur DanceSport Athlete.  If you are enrolled in an college, university, or school and 18 to 35 years of age, you may sign up for a Student DanceSport Athlete.  

Bring your current USA Dance Membership card to the Registration Desk when you sign in at the competition.