Registration is open

Amateur Competitors


Am/Am consist of two Amateur partners dancing with each other.

All Amateurs  must be a member of USA Dance in order to compete in this National Qualifying Event.

To Register using 02cm, use the athlete's USA Dance Membership number to enter each athlete.  If an athlete has multiple partners, use the same USA Dance Membership number for the athlete dancing with mulitple partners.  Each partner will enter their specific USA Dance Membership number.  


If you do not have the athlete's USA Dance Number, the 02cm system will enter a random number that will need to be corrected before Registration closes.  Avoid the problems and enter the USA Dance Membership Number upon registering.


Each Amateur competitor must purchase a Competitor's Pass or Student (Youth) Pass.  This purchase pays for all your USA Dance entries and unlimited entry into the ballroom.  

One price....covers all USA Dance events!

Cost for each Amateur Competitor or Student Pass for those with a school ID.

Early Registration  Adults      $ 175
                                 Students  $  80  

After April  15th      Adults     $ 190
                                 Students  $  90


Those dancing ONLY WDSF events may purchase a WDSF Only Competitor's Pass 


To help cover the additional fees that go directly to the WDSF, each WDSF event will cost an additional $40.



Pro/Am Registration

A Pro/Am couple consist of a Professional and Amateur.

All Amateur Athletes must be a member of USA Dance in order to compete in this National Qualifying Event.


Pro/Am athletes may register online using the Amateur/Amateur method described under the Amateur heading or by downloading the 

Pro/Am Registration Form found at the bottom of this page and emailing the form to the organizers at:

If you use the online method, o2cm will assign you a number.  Use that same number for all your Student's entries.      


Your Pro/Am student may sign up for two age categories.  Under each age category they are eligible to dance four consecutive levels, such as PreBronze, Intermediate Bronze, Full Bronze, Open Bronze.      



Professional Competitor's  Pass $65
                   Pro/Am Student's  Pass  $65

After April 15th

Professional Competitor's Pass $75

               Pro/Am Student's Pass $75

Top Teacher Awards
OVER $5000 in Top Teacher Prize Money
1st $2000 – Requires a Minimum of 200 entries
2nd $1500 – Requires a Minimum 150 entries
3rd $1000 – Requires a Minimum 100 entries
4th $500 – Requires a Minimum 50 entries
5th $250 – Requires a Minimum 25 entries

Over $1800 in Pro/Am scholarships.
Student must enter 5 single dances to qualify for scholarship. 

To Obtain your USA Dance Membership Card

Either signup or renew by going to the USA Dance Membership Page.

Link to USA Dance Membership Page

WDSF MIN Application

WDSF Open Senior 2 Latin

WDSF Open Senior 1 Standard 

WDSF Open Senior 2 Standard

WDSF Open Senior 1 Smooth

Must have a valid WDSF MIN ID Card.   

If you are NOT dancing in a WDSF event, you do NOT need a WDSF MIN number.

You must email your WDSF MIN number to the organizers.

Non-USA Citizens may register by contacting the organizers directly:

WDSF MIN Application

02cm Registration

Use your USA Dance Membership number when registering both you and your partner in o2cm.

After Registering the couple enter your dances.  You may dance two age categories and two consecutive levels.  For example: Bronze & Silver.  Senior 1 & Senior 2.

Proceed to Step 5 on the o2cm page, this is where you purchase your Competitor's Pass.  Each competitor, both Amateur and Professional must purchase a Competitor's Pass.  This purchase pays for your entries and unlimited entry into the ballroom.    



Link to 02cm Registration

OKC Dreamcatcher Rules and Policies


Early Registration

Early Registration Ends July 1st

Discounted entry payments MUST be received by July 1st.  After that date, the standard fee is applicable.  Online entries will not be accepted beyond July 15.  To avoid possible rejection of entry, participants are urged to register early so that any problems may be resolved by the July 15th deadline.

Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy

Competitors cancelling by May 25th will receive a 75% refund; between May 25 and July 15th will receive a 50% refund. After July 15th, no refund.  Please allow 30 days for processing.

Disclaimer – By USA Dance, Inc.

No responsibility for loss or theft of articles left in changing rooms, ballrooms, hotel rooms, or other event facilities can be accepted by USA Dance. Nor can USA Dance be held liable for injury sustained by persons attending the event; it being hereby stated that persons attending the event do so at their own risk. All persons attending this event, whether as spectators, Athletes, officials, or guests of the organizer, shall be

bound by the rules of USA DanceSport for those portions of the event sanctioned by USA DanceSport. All Athletes may be subject to drug testing by the WDSF or USA Dance.

USA Dance Rules

This is a USA Dance Sanctioned National Qualifying Event.

 The USA Dance Rulebook will be Strictly Enforced.

USA DanceSport Rulebook

Newcomer Categories

Newcomer categories are for participants with little or no prior experience in ballroom competition. Preferrably neither member of a newcomer couple has ever danced as an amateur couple in ballroom competition. Where a newcomer couple has danced before. It would be better if the dancers have danced in very few competitions. Participation in the newcomer division is on the honor system, please don’t abuse it.

It is recommended that Newcomers are restricted to the first five steps of the Bronze level. Newcomers may choose to dance both the Newcomer events and the Bronze syllabus events. Competitors who sign up for Bronze events must be registered as Athlete members. Otherwise, Newcomers need only be registered USA Dance members in good standing of any type (Social member, Ballroom Dancer or Athlete).  Newcomers may choose to dance both the Newcomer events and the Bronze syllabus events.  Competitors who sign up for Bronze events must be registered as Athlete members.  Otherwise, Newcomers need only be registered USA Dance members in good standing of any type (Social member, Ballroom Dancer or Athlete).